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We’re attempting to make sustainability sustainable one map point at a time.

There is an enormous amount of information out there regarding sustainability and the resources that might be available to you. But how do you even begin? What could possibly be available in your small town? Why does it seem like this information is spread over thousands of webpages each on opposite ends of the internet? What if we were able to compile all this info in one place–if discovering new resources was as simple as zooming in? Here at TGS, we want to do just that.

The easiest way to view this map in its current iteration is to zoom-in to a place of interest to check out your local resources. (Don’t see anything near you? Read on!) Use this key as a guide or click on each point within the map for more information.

This map is a work-in-progress. We’ve spent months building out New York City (take a peek there to see what we’re going for!) and are beginning to expand to other states and even other countries. In an effort to prioritize accessibility, we’re looking to feature everything from chain stores that happen to recycle plastic film to the small community-run food scrap drop-off point in your neighborhood. The problem is, the chain stores are a little easier for us to find, which is why we need your help! Are we missing a resource you love? Want more information about your town or city? Follow this link to a handy dandy Google Form to submit your suggestion or request!:

Heck, you can even email me directly!:

KEEP IN MIND: This is by no means an exhaustive list, it’s likely got some errors and misinformation especially given COVID restrictions, but use it as a guide to see what’s USUALLY available in your neighborhood… and check the websites attached before you go venturing out. 🙂

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Support Our Friends!

We couldn’t build this map without the permission of so many wonderful folx who have worked hard to curate their own maps and lists. Help us support them by visiting their resources!

Amber G. of the Community Food Fridges-International Map for their US bulk food & compost guide!

Belinda C. Chiu of @AHealthyBlueprint for her COVID-era, NYC food scrap drop-off guide

Nicole Grossberg founder of Zero Waste NYC Workshop for her NYC Coffee Shops Accepting Reusables Guide

City Builders

Map Builders volunteer to help research and find resources in their cities. Whether you’re a sustainability pro or just want an excuse to learn more about the resources in your area, we’d love to have you on board. Follow this link to submit your interest in becoming a City Builder.

Hannah Gray