There’s a common misconception that sustainability is all or nothing. That you have to go whole-hog (pun intended) when it comes to an environmentally responsible lifestyle. When in reality, it often just takes small changes to get there. And who says you even have to “get there”? Here at The Green Spectrum, you’ll find vegan recipes that won’t leave you wanting more, sustainable habits that you can seamlessly incorporate into your life, recommendations for products that you can turn to after you’ve responsibly used your last plastic toothbrush, and a welcoming community no matter where you are on that proverbial spectrum. Whether you’re simply considering adding “meatless Mondays” into your meal rotation or you’ve been a vegan and zero waste guru for years–come share, learn, converse, voice your struggles, and get inspired to take one more step toward sustainability. No judgment. Let’s explore the small changes you can make every day to eat well for your body and waste less.


Hi friends! I’m Brittany, a frugal vegan foodie and aspiring zero-waster living in NYC with my wonderful husband, Tommy. In college, we bonded over MGM movie musicals and the dangerously delicious desserts we’d concoct using the dining hall’s sweet cart. Our love for all things chocolatey, buttery, and ice cream-y created an inseparable bond and way too many stomach aches.

Fast forward a few years and our eating and consumption habits have done a complete 180. I went from a clueless cook eating Mom’s leftover chicken cutlets to a Pinterest junkie that LOVES (package-free!) brussels sprouts, my husband being my ever faithful sous chef and waste reducing-consultant along the way. We’re still learning, growing, and making mistakes every day, so follow along and help us help you! Let’s make a sustainable lifestyle more accessible!