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7-MIN SHOWER set a timer and see if you can reduce your shower routine to under 7 minutes.

BATHROOM SWAP make an eco-friendly bathroom swap. Click here for some inspiration!

BYO BAG bring a reusable bag to the grocery store, even if that means reusing your old plastic bags.

BYO SILVERWARE pack silverware from home to use on the go.

CHANGE YOUR ENERGY PROVIDER some cities and towns will allow you to use your monthly utility bills to invest in renewable energy. Check to see if this is something your town offers. (Don’t worry if your town doesn’t do this. Just show us that you did the research!)

CLIMATE EMAILS sign up for easy to read climate emails delivered straight to your inbox so you can stay in the know. My favorites are the New York Times Climate FWD and The Washington Post’s: The Energy 202.

COLD WATER WASH save energy, wash your laundry in cold water.

COMPOST look into your compost options. Can you make a compost pile in your backyard? Does your city have local compost drop off points? Even reach out to farmer’s markets or local farms to see if they’re willing to accept your food scraps! Check out for everything you need to know about composting.

DITCH PAPER TOWELS try rags, towels, old t-shirts, or socks instead!

DUMPSTER DIARY you might have already done this if you took part in our Dumpster Diary challenge! If not, for the next week, keep tabs on what you’re throwing in your trash or recycling and brainstorm some solutions to your biggest offenders.

ECOSIA make your homepage and switch out the Safari app for Ecosia on your phone. Plant trees with every search!

ETHICAL BANKING many mainstream banks heavily support fossil fuels. By removing your money from those institutions and looking for a more sustainability-minded bank, you can make your money work for you in a way that’s good for the planet. We love Aspiration!

SHOP YOUR PANTRY go through your fridge and pantry and make note of food that’s going bad. Plan recipes using those ingredients before heading to the grocery store.

GIFT A ZERO WASTE KIT give someone all the supplies they may need to start their low waste journey. Check back later to read-up on how to create a low cost, low waste kit with supplies you may already have.

HANG DRY skip the dryer and hang dry your clothes instead.

LEARN TO RECYCLE even if you think you know what to do, take some time to look up the recycling rules in your city. It varies location to location and you might be shocked by what they do or don’t take. Share something that you found surprising!

LEFTOVERS eat your leftovers. Here are some of our favorite recipes that taste just as good leftover.

LIGHTS OFF make an effort to turn off the lights you aren’t using.

MEATLESS MONDAY or meatless any day! Go a full day without consuming any meat. Check out some of our favorite meatless recipes here. Click here to learn why the animal agriculture industry, at the rate it’s going, is detrimental to our planet.

MEET-UP attend or host an eco-centered meet-up. You can even gather a group of friends together for a low waste meal!

PRODUCE W/O PLASTIC show us your naked produce! Avoid plastic-covered produce and those thin plastic produce bags at the store.

PROTEST* attend a protest in your area. Sit on the sidelines or dive headfirst and chant with the crowds. Get a peek at how cool our freedom of speech can be.
* Please base your decision to protest off of WHO and CDC guidelines. Sign up for alerts from to find out how you can protest from the safety of your own home.

PURCHASE CARBON OFFSETS whether you’re going on a trip or not, you can calculate your average carbon footprint here and donate a fee to offset it. If you don’t have the money to do so, think about offsetting with actions. Commit to picking up a bag of trash a week or planting trees in your yard!

LETTER TO SENATOR write a letter to your senator asking them to take action on an eco-related topic that you’re passionate about. Click here to find out who your senator is. Click here to see a great example of a letter you can use!

NO SPEND DAY going low waste doesn’t have to be expensive. Waste less by buying less for one day.

READ A ZERO WASTE BOOK click here to see some of Polly Bark’s favorites and check out Libby on GooglePlay or on the App Store how you can read (or listen to) a book for free based on your current library subscription!

REFUSE SINGLE-USE refuse a single-use item. Think utensils, straws, cups, napkins, plastic bags and more!

REWEAR show us an outfit that you’ve worn to a thousand and one events OR wear an article of clothing twice between washes. If it doesn’t look dirty or smell dirty, it probably isn’t dirty.

SHOP SECOND-HAND show us some of your best second-hand finds. Furniture, clothing, electronics? The sky’s the limit!

STOP FOOD WASTE be conscious of the food you’re buying and consuming. Are you using it to it’s fullest potential? Eating all your leftovers? Using all your fresh herbs before they spoil? Show us how you’re preventing food waste!

STOP JUNK MAIL go paperless with your bills and bank statements or unsubscribe from magazines and circulars you no longer need. Check out this website to take yourself of the major lists.

SUPPORT ORGANIZATIONS support environmentally-minded organizations. Donate if you can or like and share their social media posts to show your support.

TALK TO A LOCAL BUSINESS do you see local businesses that are unintentionally greenwashing or offering not so eco-friendly practices? Talk to them! Or write a letter. Katherine Kellogg of Going Zero Waste has a great template you can use.

TRASH CLEAN-UP attend a trash clean-up event, host your own, or go solo and pick up some trash right in your neighborhood!

UNSUBSCRIBE unsubscribe from unwanted junk emails. They’re clogging up your inbox and tempting you with shiny sales for things you don’t need away.

VEGAN FOR 7 DAYS cook up some delicious vegan food for 7 days straight!

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