9 Tips for a Budget Friendly, Zero Waste Move

Moving is expensive. It requires a lot of planning and coordination. A “successful move” is oftentimes focused on being fast, efficient, and cost-effective, but turns a blind eye to all the waste that is created along the way. What if I told you that opting for an eco-friendly move might actually save you some dough?

Read on for 9 Tips for a Budget Friendly, Zero Waste Move!

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1. Use what you already have to move your things

Before turning to boxes, fill your suitcases, hampers, and reusable shopping bags with your less fragile items.

2. Save your boxes

Start collecting boxes from online orders. You can even ask your family and friends to get involved! They’re free, and upcycling these boxes will keep them out of the recycling stream for a bit longer. Even small boxes can be used to hold knickknacks and other small items. When you’re finished with your move, you can break down the boxes that are still intact and pass them on to a friend for their next move.

3. Use Bin It

Once you’ve used all your upcycled and makeshift moving containers, use Bin It to pack up the rest of your things. They offer bin rentals, dropping off as many as you need for your move, then picking them back up once the move is complete. These reusable boxes are cheaper than their wasteful alternatives AND more protective than flimsy cardboard boxes. Use the code: SPECTRUM to receive 10% off your moving costs!

4. Forgo protective wrapping and protect valuables with what you already own

There’s no need to pay for bubble wrap and packing peanuts! Double your efforts and wrap your valuables in clothes, towels, linens, and comforters! Remember those boxes from your online orders? Save the packing materials inside because they can be used a second time.

5. Meal prep

Before your move, double up on your favorite recipes and freeze the extras. The more food you have prepared, the less you’ll have to rely on takeout.

6. Identify your essentials

Pack a suitcase like you’re going on a trip, with clothes and enough toiletries and toilet paper to last you for a few days. Don’t forget phone chargers and electronics! If all your necessities are in one place, you won’t need to purchase misplaced items. Same goes for your essential kitchen supplies. Make it the last box you pack and the first one you unpack!

7. If you do takeout, do so responsibly

Forget the delivery fee! Explore your new neighborhood by walking to the nearest restaurant to grab some grub. Bring your own reusable shopping bag and leave behind utensils, napkins, and extra sauces you don’t need. If you can’t get out to pick up your food, make sure you ask them to nix the single-use items when you place your order.

8. Get rid of things before you move

As you’re packing up, set aside everything you’d like to get rid of. There’s no need to bring them to your new place! Sort through and dispose of them responsibly: sell, donate, or scrap. Get rid of enough so you can…

9. Do it all in one trip!

Pack efficiently and get the right sized truck. Save money on gas, tolls, and time on your truck rental by doing your move in one go!

An environmentally friendly move doesn’t have to be difficult. Save money and the planet by thinking ahead!


Edited By: Amy Joscelyn


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